Apple’s rare Apple I computer disposed by unidentified woman


A recycling centre in San Francisco is looking for a woman who has handed over a rare Apple I Computer by mistake. The machine was among the other components that the woman had intended to dispose off after her husband passed away. Reports say that just 200 of the first generation Apple Computers were manufactured.

The company has estimated the value of the computer and sold it to a private collector for about $200,000. A web and media campaign has been launched by the Clean Bay Area recycling centre to find the woman so that she can receive the half of the cash that she got for the machine. A short video has been produced and has asked people to share it as much as they can so that the donor can be reached.

Clean Bay Area, in a blog post said that the woman had dropped the box containing electronics in late April, 2015. The identity of the woman has not been known yet. Sources said that the woman is between 60 to 70 years and drove a sports utility vehicle and left the boxes at the Milpitas recycling centre. The staff at the recycling centre said that they would recognize the woman if they see her.

The machine was designed by Steve Woznaik and the Apple I was the company’s first product and went on sale in July 1976 for $666.66.

Photo Credits: kinja-img