Nintendo to shut down operations in Brazil


Japan based console manufacturer, Nintendo will shut down its operations in Brazil due to some complexities evolved in tax and product distribution. Nintendo says that high import tariffs and lack of local manufacturing facilities made it difficult to operate in Brazil.


The recent decision decision has meant that the local representative Gaming do Brazil which distributes Nintendo consoles in the country, will no longer be importing consoles. Bill van Zyll, the general manager in Latin America in a statement said, “Unfortunately, challenges in the local business environment have made our current distribution model unsustainable in the country”.

However, the decision to shut down the game sales in Brazil will not affect the other Latin American countries. The decision to end operations in Brazil does not mean that the Brazilians will not be able to have their hands on the products of the company.

The high street retailers will not have the games and consoles so the gamers will have to approach the importers but will have to shell out a higher price or opt for the grey market. Van Zyll while talking about the decision said that they are not giving up on the Brazilian market but are just taking a step back to rethink over the business model.

Photo Credits: nintendolife