Microsoft granted inconspicuous mode patent


US based software giant was recently granted a patent for a new mode known as the ‘inconspicuous’ mode. The new mode can helpful especially in cinemas when the device can be automatically muted and dimmed. The feature is likely to be integrated to the Windows phones and will automatically adjust the settings to be less intrusive.


The new mode automatically adjusts the brightness as well as the volume of the handset. Even if the user wants to check the time, the screen will not be brightly illuminated and the screen will show simplified information while the phone is still muted.

Microsoft has been granted the patent lask week and the application was submitted in 2013. The upcoming mode or feature can be used while in cinemas, or when the user is going to sleep. The patent illustration has explained the simplified version of the mode and has showed a home screen which is showing just the time in the centre.

So next time no one will be disturbed when you are checking time in the middle of the night and are less likely to distract someone at the cinemas. The sensors can also be switched on manually and can automatically launch when the smartphone user is visiting the cinema. The users will also have the option to exit the mode on their own choice.

Photo Credits: ubergizmo