Apple’s smartwatch to retail in March 2015


Apple gadget enthusiasts need not have to wait for long as the smartwatch is all set to go on sale by the end of March 2015. Earlier the iPhone giant wasnt very clear about the launch of the device and had simply stated that the device will be launched early in 2015, when the iPhone 6 an 6 Plus was launched in September 2014.


The upcoming Apple smartwatch is all set to be shipped by the end of March and meanwhile the retail staff will be receiving training on how the product has to be used and sold. The training sessions will begin from February 2015. The new wearable device will be introduced in three variants the Apple Watch Sport in silver or space grey aluminium, the regular Apple Watch in stainless steel and finally the luxury watch edition.

All the models will be available in two sizes 38 mm and 42 mm. The users can navigate through the interface with the help of a side-winder known as the Digital Crown. By rotating the crown the wearer can zoom in and zoom out and also scroll and navigate through different options.

The new device by Apple has aimed to make the communication process new and innovative. The device has been priced at £230 and $349 in the US.

Photo Credits: theinquirer