GoPro launches the GoPro Hero4 Black


GoPro has recently launched the latest edition of its flagship action camera, the GoPro Hero4 Black and the GoPro Hero4 Silver. The new GoPro will facilitate 4K video recording and better low-light performance. The price of the Hero4 Black is on the higher side at $500 (£370), while the Hero4 Silver will cost $400 (£290).

With a processor that is twice as fast as the previous one, GoPro Hero3+, the new action camera is one that will excite a lot of professionals. The GoPro Hero4 Silver will have a touchscreen interface while the Hero4 Black will not.

According to representatives from GoPro, this is due to the fact that the Hero4 Black can shoot in 4K at 30 fps, which gives out a lot of heat. The GoPro Hero4 Silver is essentially a Hero3+ with a touchscreen.

Connecting to mobiles (Android, iOS and Windows) will be possible through Wi-Fi. Both the new GoPros will have Bluetooth connectivity which means one can connect to a Pebble watch to control the camera.

The Black can record videos in 4K at 30 frames per second and in 1080p at 120 frames per second. Shooting at 1080p will require additional batteries (it consumes a lot of power) and if you own the Hero3+, you will not be able to swap the battery since the design is different in the GoPro Hero4 Black.

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