Facebook buys cyber security firm PrivateCore


In a bid to make the cyber space more secure, Facebook buys cyber security firm PrivateCore.

Securing user data has always been the top agenda for the multi billion dollar company and this move by Facebook is testimony to that fact. Facebook, on Thursday, announced that it had acquired PrivateCore, which is a secure server technology company.

Founded in 2012, PrivateCore is a firm that is dedicated to protecting servers from malware, malicious hardware devices and unauthorized access. The company has developed a technology known as ‘vCage’ which secures servers in untrusted environments.

With over 1 billion active users, Facebook runs and maintains millions of servers. Thus, the social networking giant requires to put in place safeguards to protect the large volume of data that is stored on the servers.

Given the situation, it is a smart move by Facebook to acquire this company, as it will really boost its defenses.

In a statement on their website, PrivateCore CEO Oded Horovitz said, “Working together with Facebook, there is a huge opportunity to pursue our joint vision at scale with incredible impact.”

While the deal is official, the terms of the deals have yet not been made public.

This is Facebook’s latest acquisition that comes after the record $19 billion takeover of Whatsapp in February 2014.

Apart from Facebook, a lot of other major companies are stepping up security on their websites, in light of the recent NSA revelations.

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