New Smart Key Chain equipped with storage and key locator


The smart device market gets an addition with new Smart Key Chain.

Wearable devices are indeed the flavor of the season, but a new Smart Keychain is about to give all those fancy wearable watches a run for their money. This new Smart Key Chain is a small flash drive which shows important emails and calendar events. The device is not as happening as the smartwatch, but it does deliver a few functionalities which can be useful on a daily basis.

The device can be used for four purposes – as a USB file storage, upcoming calendar events, incoming email notifications and a key locator. Though the file storage feature might not be much of interest in this era of cloud storage.

An extra reminder for calendar alerts and incoming email on the keychain is functional, but not as attractive. In terms of email, it allows users to designate five people or organizations as very important.

The email sends out a ping sort of a notifier every 15 minutes. The most attractive feature of the device is the key locator; misplaced keys is a common problem, a key chain with a locating system is definitely a USP.

Users can locate misplaced keys by pressing a button on their phone which sounds like an alarm on the keychain.

The device can be pre-ordered on Indiegogo starting at $59.

Photo Credits: TC Tech