Yahoo acquires app analytics firm Flurry


Yahoo buys over app analytics firm Flurry in a bid to boost revenues.

App analytic firm Flurry has been acquired by Yahoo to help improve the search engine giant’s advertising revenue from smartphones. Flurry aids app developers with data analysis concerning user information and activity, which in turn further helps to streamline personalized ad delivery.


Some other rivals of Yahoo have also acquired mobile advertising technology firms so as to lure the marketers to their apps and also to generate revenue from ads on other company’s apps.

The two firms have so far not disclosed the deal’s financial terms. Certain media reports say that Yahoo has paid around $200 – $300 million to acquire Flurry.

This will also mark one of the biggest acquisitions that Yahoo has made since it acquired blogging platform Tumblr in 2012. The news of the acquisition comes just a few days after Yahoo reported a major fall of 18% to $270 m in profits during the three months to the end of June.

Most of the drop in profit was due to the sharp decline in digital display advertising which plummeted by 8%.

However, Yahoo had also stated that their mobile display and search revenue has grown by more than 100%.

On July 21, 2014 the two firms said that together, they will be able to serve their customer better and further boost the mobile revenues.

Photo Credits: Forbes