Tablets and smartphones to have anti-glare screens


Reading on your smartphones and tablets to get easier with new anti-glare screens.

Scientists have developed a new glass surface which reduces glare and reflection in mobile devices. The new technology will eliminate the need of tilting smartphones and tablets.

anti glare

Valerio Proneri, from the institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona said, “Mobile or tablet users still have to dish out extra cash for a filter or film to lay on top of their glass screens so they can use the devices in bright light”.

The glass surface has been developed in collaboration with Prantik Mazumder’s New York based Corning incorporated. Mazumder and Proneri roughned a glass surface so it could scatter light and ward off any glare problems without affecting the transparency of the glass.

The researchers have etched a nano sized teeth on the surface to make it anti-reflective. Apart from the visual characteristics, the researchers also pointed out that the textured surface repelled water as it looked similar to a lotus leaf.

The researchers also said that the anti-glare roughening protects the nano sized glass teeth, but still more research is needed to ensure that the surface can withstand heavy touch screen use.

The method is not very expensive and can be easily absorbed for mass usage in the industry. The study was published in the ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces journal.

Photo Credits: Shopify