Robots with human emotions to go on sale


Who said only humans can have emotions; Robots with human emotions to go on sale in Japan.

Japanese-based technology firm has unveiled a new robot, which has the ability to understand human emotions. Earlier specializing as a telecom and internet company, Japanese firm Softbank is now entering in to the robotics market with its new Humanoid-on-Wheels known as “Pepper”.

The company has said that the Pepper will go on sale in Japan in February 2015. Pepper will have a price tag of 198,000 Yen.

The overseas plans are still under consideration, but so far the company has not made any announcements as yet. The robot does not have legs, but has gentle gesticulating hands and was displayed on a stage in Tokyo city with great fan-fare.

The device dramatically touched the hand of the Softbank Chief – Masayoshi Son – recreating a real world Genesis/ET moment! Son, while talking to the crowd at the unveiling event, said that it was his life-long dream to get in to the robotics business.

Pepper has been programmed to read the emotions of people around it by recognizing their expressions and tone of voice.

Son said, “Our aim is to develop affectionate robots that can make people smile”. The robot is 48 inches tall and weighs 62 lb, it does not have any hair, but has two large eyes and a flat panel display on its chest.

Photo Credits: Wall Street Journal