Sony PlayStation TV microconsole to be launched in US


PS Vita TV microconsole aka Sony PlayStation TV  to hit US markets.

Gaming giant Sony has announced that its tiny little PS Vita TV micro console is all set to be launched in the US market, it will be known as the PlayStation TV.

However the device must not be confused with the set-top boxes like the Apple TV or Roku.

• Importance in market
The PlayStation TV focuses on gaming and not on media streaming. It has the ability to play more than 1000 titles, most of them PSP games. The powers of the games can be extended through the cloud. The gamers will be able to stream games through the proper PlayStation consoles to the PS TV with the help of Sony’s Remote Play technology. This will make the PlayStation TV a good option for bedrooms at homes which have already embraced Sony’s vision for gaming.

• Abilities and price
Additional games can be streamed straight to the device from PlayStation’s Now cloud gaming service of Sony which is currently in beta. Meanwhile Google and Microsoft are also trying hard to push their greater ecosystems in to the sacred relaxation space. Sony is also doing the same thing, but the PlayStation TV might lose its value if it does not have any video or music streaming capabilities.

The PlayStation TV will be priced for just $99.