Samsung to launch smartwatch which works without smartphone support


South Korean giant Samsung is currently working on a watch which can make calls and also manage sending and receiving texts without being tethered to a smartphone. The new device will also have the ability to send emails and packs, will have Bluetooth, GPS and a heart monitor.

The new device by Samsung will be equivalent to the Gear 2 and can work without the support of a smartphone. The new smartwatch is expected to be unveiled in June or July 2014. The device will be shipped with a SIM card but is not expected to sell that well. This is not the first time a company is attempting to make a smartwatch with the capabilities of a phone.

Samsung had announced a watch in 2003 which had an OLED Screen and a whopping one and half hours of talk time with the help of a 400 mAh battery. The smart features of the device can make it a more attractive deal but it will be interesting to see if the device is able to attract the users.

Samsung is known for trying things which eventually become a hit. Meanwhile Samsung is also working on the Google Glass competitor and an Oculus Rift type VR Headset.

Photo Credits: Amazon