YouTube to make life easy for content creators


Youtube content creators can heave a sigh of relief.

Video sharing site YouTube on May 23, 2014 announced a big set of new changes that will enable its content creators a hassle free functioning in more ways than one.

Here’s an overview of all the new features that are being touted as game changers for youtube content creators across the world.

  • A new separate app for managing channels.
  • A medium for fans to pay creators directly.
  • Crowdsourced captions and subtitles promising to cover over 60 languages.
  • An all new comment management system (with blacklists, filters and other rules is underway.
  • A creator academy which helps content creators to navigate and create content more effectively via suggestions and advice has also been rolled out.
  • Free audio tracks that creators can utilise to make their videos more engaging, and also, artists can now  have a share in revenue from the cover songs they make.
  • Royalty free sound effects  along with the audio tracks already available.
  • Fan created captions which will make it easier to localise popular videos.
  • Direct  creator fan –  funding on YouTube.

With all these new features being developed by the google owned company, youtube content creators can now rejoice, because making money off youtube has never been easier!