Amazon to announce 3D technology smartphone by June 2014


Online retail giant Amazon is getting ready to try its hand in the smartphone segment. It has been reported that the US-based company is all set to launch its smartphone during the second half of 2014. With the latest move, Amazon will find itself in direct competition with the two leaders in the market – Apple and Samsung.

Reports say that the online retail giant is expected to introduce the new handset in June 2014 and Amazon’s smartphone will begin shipping in September 2014, which will be just before the lucrative holiday season. The company has been presenting early prototypes to a number of developers in San Francisco, as well as Seattle in the last couple of weeks.

Amazon will be making an attempt to stand out in the segment which is already crowded with many brands and the majority of them have already made their mark. There is a possibility that the online retail giant will come up with a screen which will be capable of displaying three-dimensional images without the need for special glasses.

The phone is expected to have retina-tracking technology which will be embedded in four front-facing cameras which will make the image appear in 3D. More reports say that the company has been developing the smartphone for a long time.

Photo Credits: Ziogeek