Sony unveils Digital Paper tablet for business customers


Tech giant Sony has revealed its latest gadget – Digital Paper – which is a 13.3-inch tablet display that uses e-ink technology for text and graphics. The new device was shown at the American Bar Association Techshow in Chicago.

digital paper

The company announced that the tablet will be ready to ship in May 2014. In recent times, the popularity of e-ink displays has been reduced due to the appearance of LCD displays, which is the technology used in Apple’s iPad and the Nexus tablet of Google. Regardless of that, the tablet market still sees demand for alternative display technologies.

In 2013, online store giant Amazon bought Liquavista in order to advance its Kindle hardware and Qualcomm has been working with Mirasol technology. The alternative display technologies are usually cheaper to produce, more energy efficient and readable in direct sunlight, however, they are not good for games. Sony is looking to attract business customers with the help of the Digital Paper.

The company is aiming to cater to business people who work in paper-intensive environments, but need online workflow and business processes. The director of digital paper solutions at Sony Electronics, Bob Nell has described Digital Paper as “a true replacement for the vast amounts of paper that continue to clutter many offices and institutions”. Nell went on to say that it is easy to use and optimize for reading and annotating other documents.

Photo Credits: Uncrate