Philips introduces LED lighting system for supermarkets


Dutch consumer lifestyle and lighting company Philips has unveiled its new ‘intelligent’ lighting solution which will help users to navigate around in public spaces. The previous project of the company was about light-emitting carpets, which had the goal to help people to navigate around movie theaters and airports.


This time, the company is concentrating on supermarkets and the LEDs are making a comeback to the regular old ceiling. Philips is using in-store LED lighting in which the system is able to send information – like special offers, for example – to customers’ smartphones, depending on where they are located in the store. In order to use this system, customers will need to download a dedicated app and then they will be able to use the dense network of the LEDs, which will work as a positioning grid.

It receives information related to customers’ particular position, as they move around while picking up groceries. The application can also work like a personal shopper, as it can direct customers to aisles where they can find the ingredients they are specifically looking for. Moreover, when customers approach these products, they will be introduced to brands and products which are new in the store and will also suggest ingredients for alternative recipes.

At present, the system is being tried by retailers in Europe, but the company has not confirmed which chains or countries.

Photo Credits: Philips Lighting