LG to unveil Ultra PC and Tab Book 2 at ICES


South Korean electronics manufacturer LG is all set to unveil its new Ultra PC and the second generation Tab Book 2 hybrid devices at the International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas this week. The new LG products will have the slimmest designs and weigh less than their pre-decessors and have refined and minimalistic form factors.


The new products from the company will feature upgraded capabilities and designs including the All-inone PC model which will have Windows 8.1 and employ LG’s superior IPS display technology to ensure stunning colour accuracy, motion clarity as well as wide viewing angles.

The Ultra PC model by LG weighs less than 1 KG and has a clear design. The new device is introduced for improvd processing, excellent graphic performance and extended battery life due to the Haswell Intel core i5 processor. The new LG PC will also feature instantaneous booting with solid state drive of 128 GB or 256 GB for instant access and greater user convenience.

The Tab 2 has been built on the success of the original Tab Book which first appeared at CES 2013. The device will run on Windows 8.1 and both the new models in the Tab Book series are optimized for ten point touch control.

Photo Credits: Softpedia