France company unveils internet powered toothbrush


France based company Kolibree has on January 4, 2014 unveiled its internet powered toothbrush at the Consumer Electronics show. The company has unveiled the new device with an aim to reinvent oral care.


Loic Cessot, the co-founder of the company said, “The technology in the industry has not evolved for years. The idea is not to brush stronger, but smarter.” The new Kolibree toothbrush has a sensor which helps to detect how much tartar is being removed in a brushing. The device also records the brushing activity so that the users can maintain a consistent cleaning every time.

The information is conveys the information wirelessly to a smartphone app and is a useful aid for parents who want to monitor the teeth cleaning efforts of small children. Cessot added that when the users uses a normal toothbrush, the user never knows what you have cleaned.

With the help of the application the device tells the users if they have missed the hard to clean areas or are not getting a thorough brushing. The application is open for the developers to add another program and aims to increase motivation and make the experience more fun. Plans are being made to release the toothbrush during the third quarter.

Photo Credits: Yahoo