Samsung Galaxy J to be launched in Taiwan on December 9, 2013


Samsung Taiwan released a teaser video on YouTube about the new smartphone and described it as ‘fast’ and ‘elegant’. The teaser led to many speculations that this particular device might be either the Galaxy S5 or it could even be the next big thing in the smartphone segment.

galaxy J

The latest video revealed that the new device from Samsung has a brushed-metal back, LTE, as well as a thin profile. After a bit more inspection, it was found that there was a small inscription which was located on the lower-right side and read SC:02F, which marks the model number for the Galaxy J.

The new Galaxy J is a 5-inch model of the phone which is currently available only in the Japanese market. The new, attractive images of the device match the overall look and build of the upcoming Galaxy J. The company also teased potential buyers about the December 9, 2013 launch date by showing it off on the face of the Galaxy Gear. Another fact was revealed recently and stated that the Galaxy J was certified in Taiwan in November 2013, which adds to the possibility.

However, there is a doubt if the device will be able to make it to other regions as well. There are possibilities that a clearer picture can be seen on December 9, 2013.

Photo Credits: Android Headlines