iPhone case to feature flash light for night photos


Many iPhone users have just one complaint and that is that the device does not have a flash light which makes it difficult for them to take pictures during the night. A new Kickstarter project will fix this problem by turning the smartphone case into a camera flash light.


Crowdfunding on Kickstarter began this week by Lightstrap and the new case will be able to wrap all around the edges of an iPhone and create a ring of light which goes off when users take pictures by using the flash feature. The project is stating that the feature will work with the help of an iPhone app. The project mentions, “No more blur and grain, just crisp vibrant photos with the distinctive look of a professional ring light”.

The upcoming Lightstrap will work with both pictures and videos. Apart from the huge camera flash, iPhone users will also get more than 500 photos or 30 minutes of video before the battery of Lightstrap runs out. The case will not just feature the flash, but will also have many other features. In addition to that, iPhone users will get an option to adjust the color and the level of brightness of the Lightstrap Flash.

By January 2014, the project is likely to raise $245,000 and is currently at $21,000.

Photo Credits: Gessato