Google offering free exchange of latest version of Google Glass


Search engine giant Google is offering the existing Glass owners to exchange their devices for a free updated version. The new version of the Google Glass looks identical and the company says that it has made it faster and more durable.

google glass

Moreover, it is also compatible with the upcoming prescription frames for the device. The Google Glass is designed for the new accessories which includes new shades and a mono earbud which is included in the updated version.

The Google Glass device is not expected to be launched for sale at least till next year but still the developers from the Explorer program have been invited to switch to the latest version of the device. The new version of Google Glass was unveiled on October 28, 2013 and the Explorers who purchased the unite before that are eligible for a free exchange.

Meanwhile the existing Google Glass owners have to register and Swap their units by February 5, 2014 and the one time swap will also allow the owners to switch colours. However, the owners of the Google Glass are not being forced to swap their devices but a free update is certainly worth a catch as the updated versions come with a one year warranty.

Photo Credits: Digital Trends