Dell reveals Inspiron 11 touchscreen laptops for $349


Laptop manufacturing giant Dell has introduced a 11.6-inch Inspiron 11 touchscreen laptop, which will be priced starting at $349 in the US market. The company is reshaping its consumer laptop line-up with a new naming scheme and models.


The Dell laptop model starting at $349 features processors from Advanced Micro Devices, whose chips are finally back in Dell laptops after a long break. The Inspiron 11 model with Intel processors code-named Haswell begins at $379. The device is able to run for eight hours on a single battery charge and will have Windows 8.1 and a version of Microsoft Office.

However, Dell is not offering the option of Windows 7 with Inspiron 11. Jonathan Guttell, the director of global consumer messaging at Dell said that with Inspiron 11, buyers can get a touchscreen ultraportable with a powerful processor at a very affordable price. At the moment, the Inspiron laptops have screens of 13.3 inches and larger, while the budget Inspiron 14R, 14, 15 and 15 R models are inexpensive, though bulkier.

The touch laptops from PC makers are more expensive and are priced at more than $500. The Inspiron 11 has a Gorilla Glass for screen ruggedness, USB 3.0 ports, a webcam and an HDMI port. The company is also ripping up old Inspiron branding and is introducing model names to make its laptops easier to identify.

Photo Credits: WP Central