YouTube to introduce offline viewing on mobile apps


Online video streaming site YouTube is all set to introduce an offline mode viewing option to the mobile apps, starting from November, 2013. For the time being, in order to view YouTube videos on a mobile device, users have to be connected online. However, this trend is expected to be changed as of November 2013, as YouTube has revealed its plans to add a new offline mode to its apps.


For now, it is still unclear how will everything work, but YouTube confirmed that the feature will enable users to watch videos for a short period of time without 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connection, most likely by allowing users to download and store videos on their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

It is also unclear for how long users will be able to save content, although the current rumors are suggesting that the time frame will most likely be 48 hours. The search engine giant in a blog post said, “We’re always exploring ways to bring more viewers to your content. As part of this effort, later this year we’ll launch a new feature on Youtube’s mobile apps that will help you reach fans – even when they’re not connected to the internet.”

The offline mode will be added to YouTube’s iOS and Android apps, while BlackBerry and Windows Phone are still missing an official YouTube application.

Photo Credits: CDN