Desktop 3D scanner Makerbot Digitizer launched


The new Makerbot Digitizer has been launched in the US market. It is a new desktop device which has the capability to quickly scan objects in order for them to be replicated using the 3D printer. The device has been priced at $1,400 and the first devices will be shipped in October 2013.


The new 3D device went on sale on August 22, 2013, on the official website of the company and the huge demand already overloaded the company’s online store. The new device has been launched with an aim to bring 3D printing to mainstream technology users.

However, experts do not have a positive opinion. The latest device has been designed in order to enable the replication of objects, without any need for users to learn 3D modelling software or have any special expertise.

The device works as several lasers are pointed at the object and it detects contours in the surface. After that, users can upload their 3D designs directly to Thingiverse, which is a website where 3D designs can be shared. The time that it takes to scan an object can vary, but a demonstration involving a small gnome can take about 12 minutes. The industry has high hopes that 3D printing will become hugely popular in the future.

Photo Credits: Hot Hardware