New faster Firefox for Android launched by Mozilla


Popular web browser Mozilla has launched a new version of Firefox for the Android which features performance as well as personalization enhancements among other improvements. The Android users will be now able to have their hands on a faster and more personalized version of Firefox.

The features of the new browser include improvements to speed up everything from startup and page load times, panning, zooming and web app performance. The company made the announcement in a blog post on June 26.

The new browser is now available for download in the Google Play store. Mozilla has claimed that Firefox for Android is significantly faster than the stock browser which ships Android phones . The company has also developed known as the Eideticker which measure the actual user Web experience.

The Firefox for Android is based on the same open technology platform like that of the desktop version of Firefox and even offers similar level of privacy and security features in mobile browsing. The Mozilla blog said, “Among the standards that Mozilla helped build are Camera API, Vibration API, Mobile Connection API, Battery Status API, Screen Orientation API and Geolocation API.” The Firefox for Android also has personalized the start page that saves users time on getting where they want to go on the web.