Sky announces price hike by 10% in September 2013


TV network Sky announced that it is all set to hike its prices by ten percent in September 2013. Increase in prices comes as the war between Sky and BT intensifies. The small print on the page where customers buy Sky says that the hike will be applied starting from September 1, 2013.


The company has also said that the hike is up to ten percent, which will be in accordance with its standard terms. For the cheapest TV deal, the increase in price means paying £2 extra per month. In terms of the high-definition deal, the increase of around £6.50 will make the monthly expense to more than £70.

The small print has also noted that the Sky TV subscription service will be cancelling channels like ESPN and ESPN Classic from July 31, 2013. This does not come as a surprise as ESPN was bought earlier this year by the Sky’s main competitor BT. In recent times, the rivalry between BT and Sky is heating up due to the paid services, broadband and phone lines.

However, Sky’s customers can still watch the new sports and movies which are monopolized by Sky without needing a dish. This will also make it easier for the customers to opt out of Sky if they do not like something.