BBC launches weather app for iOS and Android


British broadcaster BBC has launched its weather mobile app for Android and iOS devices on June 10, 2013. The broadcaster has been providing weather reports ever since it first went live back in 1920s and after almost 100 years, the BBC has presented its first free weather app.App

The new app is expected to become a hit among the smartphone lovers, in the nation that is too often obsessed with climate. The latest software will join other BBC offerings like News and iPlayer app, along with the recently launched Sport app. The latest addition has been designed to offer a quick forecast for the particular day.

The app will also have the option to explore it for further information. The best part is that it has a simple interface, with the main screen that will show the weather conditions of the day. A swipe to the left brings an hour-by-hour breakdown for the next 48 hours. While the BBC’s mobile weather site shows the forecast for the following ten days, the app currently only offers a five-day forecast and this is something that the creative team is working on.

The BBC hopes that its high profile will help the app to achieve the success it deserves.