Motorola to manufacture new ‘Moto X’ smartphone in US


The upcoming handset by Motorola will be manufactured in the US, as the Google-owned manufacturer is looking to make a comeback on the market dominated by Apple’s iPhone, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy series. For several months, it was speculated that Motorola is planning a new, gamechanging phone, known as the ‘X phone’.


The company has now announced that the new Moto X will be the first smartphone to be assembled in the United States. Until recently, the United States was the largest market for smartphones. Mark Randall, senior vice president of the supply chain said, “Fact remains that more than 130 million people in the U.S. are using smartphones, but until Moto X, none of those smartphones have been built in the USA.”

The new Moto X is set to be launched during summer 2013 and will be assembled at the Fort Worth factory, which is owned by Flextronics International, a Singapore-based contract electronics manufacturer. The new facility by the company will be employing 2,000 people by August 2013.

By moving its operations to the US, Motorola has managed to beat Apple by a possible marketing point. The American economy is still sluggish and the unemployment percentage is very high.