Microsoft Surface to be offered with free keyboard covers


Until now, the US-based software maker Microsoft was not providing keyboard covers to customers who bought Microsoft Surface tablets. However, the company has now started offering the device along with the essential peripheral.


Earlier, the Surface Touch Cover was available in five colors, as a $120 add-on. The Type Cover, which includes a more laptop-like mechanical keyboard, was priced at $130. However, from May 31, 2013, customers can get cover for free when purchasing Surface RT. The Surface team on Microsoft blog said, “Touch and Type Cover do much more than just protect and personalize your Surface RT. They let you get real work done”.

Keyboard covers are being offered to customers in the US and Canada and this is a promotion for a limited time. However, so far no end date has been specified by the company. On the other hand, related offers for customers in Western Europe will last through June 30, 2013.

Offers in Europe are available for customers in Belgium, Austria, Finland, Denmark, Germany, France, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Spain and Switzerland. European customers can choose between black Type Cover or the Touch Cover in black, cyan or white.