1stFone mobile phone for four-year old children launched


Mobile phone manufacturers do not make phones for the adults only anymore, but also for children as young as four years. A new mobile phone, known as 1stFone, has been launched and is aimed for four-year old children. The phone was announced on May 9, 2013 by the same company that already launched a phone for elderly people.

The new phone is aimed at kids, or at parents who think that four-year old children need to have a mobile phone, which looks like a cruddy toy. Handset has very simple features, in order to limit who toddlers can talk to on a mobile phone. The announcement by the company said, “The 1stFone is the little phone that let’s your child talk to the people they need and that’s it! Peace of mind for you and a first phone for your child”.

The company also said that the 1stFone is the world’s simplest phone, but as simple as it may be, is still interesting enough. It also has a bunch of innovative features which can make a great phone for both the child and parents.

The phone does not have any text or internet though, just plain voice calls and the parents can decide who the phone can call.