Anonymous strikes South Korean news channel


Hacktivist group Anonymous has struck once again and this time it has hit a South Korean news site for the second time in a month. The information and official news site UriminzokkiriDOTcom has been taken down once again by the group and when one tries to access the site, it delivers a timeout error.

The news website, through its official Twitter account tweeted, “More of North Korean websites are in our hand. They will be brought down.” The Twitter account of the website was also taken over by the hacker group earlier in the month.

On the other hand, other North Koran websites like,, were also compromised by the Anonymous Group, where they displayed images that made fun of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. Out of these hacked websites, some were inaccessible, while appeared to be in its usual state. Even in the month of April 2013, Anonymous had gained control of the North Korean Twitter feed and since then many of its tweets had poked fun at Kim Jong.

The tweets had also condemned the leader for ‘threatening world peace with ICBMs and nuclear weapons’ and also wasting money while people starve. However, the North Korean Government did not seem to be swayed by the attacks.