Hong Kong businessman forks out $15 million on iPhone


Many people would consider buying a slightly expensive smartphone for standout features, which would come in addition to the run of the mill components of regular smartphones. However, a businessman from Hong Kong has decided to splurge on an Apple iPhone and not enhance its functioning capability, rather he has modified its exterior to the tune of USD 15 million.

According to reports, a businessman known as Joe had enlisted the services of Stuart Hughes, who is a British designer to customize the expensive phone according to his liking. Hughes has used a variety of diamonds to make the iPhone stand out from any other device currently on the market.

The diamond-studded iPhone has a ‘home’ button made from a massive 26-carat Black diamond and has around 600 white diamonds around its edges. The Black diamond has allegedly been in Joe’s family for many generations and he has decided to put the gem to use in his new phone. Not many people would consider a diamond to be a something that would be put on a phone, but there are other companies that do make smartphones for the rich and famous.

One company that makes phones out of expensive material is Verta, but even they would not be able to match the power of an iPhone with the glitter of over 600 diamonds.