Verizon launches $35 prepaid mobile phone plan


American broadband company Verizon has launched a new prepaid plan, much to the delight of its customers. The new plan has been released to attract potential feature phone buyers and smartphone users will not benefit from this offer. The offer was launched on April 11, 2013 and the new no-contract plan is priced at $35 per month.

The carrier is offering 500 ‘Anytime’ minutes for talk, as well as unlimited text and internet. The telecom company offers four feature phones along with the plan, these being the Samsung Gusto 2, LG Cosmos 2, Samsung Intensity 3 and the LG Extravert.

The feature phones which are being offered by the company are heavily discounted, when purchased as a part of the new plan. The spokesperson of the telecom company said that those customers who have a basic phone can reactivate them to take advantage of the $35 plan. The plan does not include mobile to mobile calling, so dialling another Verizon cell phone user will count against the monthly minutes.

The new plan is also part of a similar offering from Verizon, which costs $50 per month and offers unlimited talk time, text and data as well. The carrier allegedly spends a lot of time wooing companies with typical post paid monthly plans.