Microsoft to release 7-inch tablet soon?


As the major tech manufacturers around the world focus on smaller computing devices, Microsoft is allegedly planning on releasing a 7-inch version of its Surface tablet. The new device could go into production later in the year, according to reports from industry sources.

Currently, Apple’s iPad and iPad Mini rule the roost when it comes to handheld tablet devices, while Android-based devices from companies like Samsung are closing in on the competition. Microsoft has relied on its Windows operating systems and its Office products to work its way into most homes and offices, but with the rise of handheld computers their desktop market has reduced.

Microsoft could be making plans on the go, as reports indicate that a 7-inch tablet was not on the cards in 2012. Google has also taken advantage of the small tablet space via its Nexus tab, which is based on its trademark  Android platform.

Figures from the fourth quarter of 2012 indicate that people are switching to smaller tablets, as roughly half of all the tablets that were shipped during this period were less than 8 inches.  Microsoft is also looking to the future and with the launch of its Windows 8 operating system in 2012, it has started to inculcate touch screen functionality in its framework.