Apple likely to unveil ‘killer app’ with iOS 7


Analysts have predicted that Apple might soon unveil a new app which could to the job of a true mobile wallet. The company might unveil the app as a part of the iOS 7 update in the month of June 2013, at the Worldwide Developers Conference. There are chances that the new app might shake up the new version of iOS.

Certain industry sources have said that the technology might not make it onto iOS devices for another two years though. Last year, apple introduced the Passbook, which was not a true digital wallet, but enabled one to pay for items directly through the phone.

Passbook allows users to store digital coupons, which can be synced with a membership card at retailers like Starbucks, so that people are able to pay for their items. Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10 and Android mobile operating systems already support near field communication (NFC) technology. However, until now Apple has resisted the urge to inculcate NFC technology in its apps. 

Consumers are looking forward to a day when they would be able to pay for items from their mobile phones directly, without having to carry any cash or credit cards along with them. Until apps like the mobile wallet are fully functional and tested well, this idea may only remain a dream.