Next generation Thunderbolt debuted by Intel


The next generation of data transfer is now here in the shape of Intel’s new Thunderbolt protocol. The file transfer protocol has been codenamed Falcon Ridge and will be able to push 20 Gbps of data and will support 4K video as well. The new technology will be available in 2014.

Thunderbolt is now a 2-year-old technology, but Falcon Ridge allows for data transfer speeds of up to 2 times of what is currently available. Falcon Ridge will be backward compatible, which means that people using the current standards will continue to experience speeds of only 10 Gbps. 

The chip manufacturer demoed the new technology at NAB 2013. Even though the new protocol will allow for very high data transfer rates, there could be problems with the current hardware, as bottlenecks could be formed. For example, to make use of the higher data speeds, one would need to get a solid state drive, just so that the hardware can keep up with the Thunderbolt protocol.

Apple already has made use of Thunderbolt controllers and they are almost mainstream in most of Apple’s devices. However, users who want to significantly increase their data transfer speeds will need to shell out some money, as external Thunderbolt drives are more costly than eSATA or USB 3.0 models.