Google renovates Google Play app for entertainment


Search engine giant Google is all set to give its Google Play market place app a makeover. The search engine giant will be concentrating on a simpler layout and on content discovery. The redesigned interface will be rolled out to Android phones as well as tablets.

The new interface is specifically intended to improve the entertainment experience, whether it is listening to an album, playing a game or reading a book. It also features a larger background, as well as a larger image which are set in cards. It is the same presentation format which is used by the company in its ‘Google Now’ predictive search feature.

The interface will automatically group together content which is similarly themed, which will help users discover related magazines or apps. As the user scrolls down the page, more recommendations will appear. The search engine has also simplified the checkout process, so that users can enjoy their selections as early as possible.

The new makeover was rumoured for release for several weeks and various websites were publishing screenshots while showing off several alleged designs tweaks for Google Play. The interface was originally known as the Android App Store and was given the name Google Play Marketplace when Google added movies, music and e-books.