Google Chrome switches rendering engine


Internet users who prefer to use Google’s Chrome browser may be in for an enhanced browsing experience. The search provider has ditched its WebKit browser engine for Blink, which is new code that will make the browser safer, more powerful and faster, according to Chocolate Factory.

The official blog of the Chromium project put out the news and Google’s Adam Barth said that it was not an easy decision to make. With a new rendering engine being used with Chrome, there could be quite a few implications for the company. For one, users may notice a different browsing experience, which will cause some to like the change, while others may chose to jump ship to another browser.

However, according to Barth, just as multiple browsers cause innovation in technology, so will multiple rendering engines. This will also help the health of the overall web ecosystem. Apple’s Safari and other browsers also use WebKit, which was the rendering engine that Chrome was using upto this point, but there are differences in how Google used certain aspects of the WebKit code.

With the advent of Blink, Google will be in a position to push the boundaries of Chrome at a faster pace, while Safari and other related browsers will be able to do the same with WebKit.