Google looking to Austin for new Fiber project?


Internet search giant Google will be heading to Austin, Texas to hold a joint event with the city council on April 9, 2013. Many speculate that the event may have been put together in lieu of an announcement regarding Google Fiber, which could make an appearance in the city. There has been no word in the media, or by the tech company as to what would be the topic of discussion at the meeting.

Apart from Google Fiber, the event could also be about launching new Google services in the city, or even a new office for the technology giants. The internet company is looking to expand its 1Gbps fiber network, so as to make use of a valuable business opportunity.

According to media reports, the city of Austin could have been one of the first places where the new fiber layout could be trialled. This comes in light of the fact that the city has good tech infrastructure, a university and other technology companies in the vicinity. Other companies that populate Austin’s tech landscape include Samsung, Dell and Intel.

Gig.U is another company that is trying to get a share of the expanding fiber network, even as the Obama administration tries to bring high-speed internet to cities across the country.