SimCity game maker EA offers free games


In some good news for SimCity players, users who buy and register the latest version of the game before March 26, 2013 can choose a free game from a selection which is offered by Electronic Arts. The free games will be available for download and will include titles such as ‘Plants Vs Zombies’, ‘Mass Effect 3’ and ‘Bejeweled’.

The new move has been taken by the company after reports of some connection problems and glitches which was caused by EA’s decision to make SimCity an online-only game. Earlier, the company said that it was originally supposed to be a single player game. The admission from the company also came as players are now finding the need to be constantly connected.

The head of Maxis – Lucy Bradshaw, said that an offline single player mode does not fit with the vision for urban planning for the game. SimCity has been created by Maxis. Bradshaw added that many players preferred the multiplayer version of the game as well.

Lucy went on to say that Maxis could even built a subset offline mode for the game, which removes the need to be always connected. SimCity was launched on March 5 and gamers did not like the fact that there were many glitches brought on by the need to be constantly connected.