In 2013 smartphone apps are helping people fall asleep


In today’s busy world, many people often face problems while sleeping. There are many who complain of sleeplessness, or problems in sleeping due to disturbances. A sleepless night could be a very stressful experience and could leave you with little energy to face the next day. Now people can turn to their smartphones to get sound sleep.

Previously, a visit to the doctor or counting sheep could be used as a method of falling asleep, however things have changed and technology can help ease the process of falling asleep. A 28-year-old nurse – Que Yuewen, from Chengdu in Sichuan has said that she is having fun with her new sleep app, which helps her get a good night’s rest

Yuewen often faces problems while sleeping, as she has to always do night duties. After looking for various apps that would help her sleep, Yuewen decided to try out various software depending on how highly they were rated in online polls.

Some applications played soothing music with sounds of nature, while others emitted calming sounds. Some iPhone apps that could help you get better sleep at night would include ‘Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson’, ‘Pzizz Sleep’, ‘Long Deep Breathing’, ‘Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock’ and many more.