Google Street View finds pictures from highest points


Search engine giant Google has released a series of explorations on March 18, 2013, which were done in Nepal. Google showed off some of the highest peaks on the earth while travelling through streets and buildings.

With the help of the Google Maps street view, the photo spheres group can be viewed from a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet at any time. The trek had begun at the Everest base-camp, where the crew covered more than 70 miles through the mountains and towns.

The Google team noted that they reached the highest point of the trip at 18,192 feet and this altitude was higher than anywhere in the USA. There are several ways that Google can take pictures which can be seen in Street View through Google Maps on desktops or mobile devices. One of the ways that one can capture a globe-like picture is through Google’s Photo Sphere for Android Jelly bean version 4.2 or higher. If a user is using a Windows Phone or iOS device then they can even try out Photo Synth.

With the latest advancement in Google Maps, people will now be able to access some of the most remote areas on earth and plan their travels accordingly.