Nintendo Wii U retailers cut prices of console in UK


Japanese-based game maker Nintendo facing low sales of its Nintendo Wii U is these days. Moreover, even the company has slashed its fiscal year sales target for the video game, from 5.5 million units to 4 million units.

Reports say that Nintendo officially does not want to cut the prices of the Wii U since it is already selling it in a loss. However, retailers in the UK have decided to cut the prices of the product themselves. This week it was observed that many retailers, including and Asda, have reduced the price of their versions of the Wii U by £50.

Even online games retailer ShopTo has slashed the price of the product by £60. As a result, the Wii U is now sold for £190 and on the other hand, the Wii U deluxe pack is available for £249. With this recent development, the prices of the Wii U in the UK have come to the same level as that of the rest of Europe and the US.

Nintendo has officially not slashed the prices of the game consoles, which means that the stores might be selling the game in a loss. With smartphones and tablets entering the gaming space, it remains to be seen where the future of the Wii U console will lie.