Doughnut camera for camera lovers


For all the camera lovers, here is a unique gadget which is easy to handle and pleasing to the eyes as well. The Geanee Doughnut Camera has a 3-mega pixel camera sensor which is capable to bringing a huge smile on anyone’s face.

However, one cannot underestimate the gadget, as it has a whole host of shooting modes and a number of hidden buttons and slots as well. These features are all built onto its surface. The device is PVC coated and will quite possibly become popular due to its unique shape.

The doughnut camera has been priced at 6,300 yen and is made of soft and squidgy plastic, with a realistic matte finish. It also has a clip-able key chain attached to it. Users can line up their images and start clicking content just by peering through the central doughnut hole.

The images can be saved on the device’s on-board memory. The camera also has the capability to capture videos, which will allow users to capture their memorable moments in motion. People can own the device by purchasing it from Premiere Gear. It remains to be seen whether people will now go for a quirky device like this one, even if it lacks most high-end features, or whether they would snub it because it lacks a variety of specifications.