Samsung Galaxy S 3 Features


The new Galaxy S III is the much talked about phone since its launch on May 29, 2012. It is the very device which will also be competing with the Apple’s iPhone 5 and also carries the best hope for its Android operating system.

The new Galaxy S III has two of the most prominent features, one is the enormous screen and surprisingly adequate battery life. Despite the fact that the smartphone is based on the slightly older technology (Pentile Amoled instead of Super Amoled Plus), but that should not come in the way.

The first thing which comes to notice when taken the smartphone in hand, is that it is made of plastic. The smartphone also has a 8.55 mm slim body and also has a volume button on the side. Unlike the iPhone 4S, the new S III might not have a weighty feel, but some users might think that it is relatively cheap.

The phone can also be controlled with the user’s voice and a user can also record a phrase to wake up the phone and four others to make it do other things like take a picture. Another best thing is that the smartphone is instantly responsive unlike some who take a second or two.