Apple launches new laptop MacBook Air


Computer giant Apple on June 11, 2012 revealed its new MacBook Air in San Francisco, which is a light and super portable laptop. The new deluxe laptop has been revised with faster chips and bigger flash drives with lower price tags compared to the last year’s models.

Even the MacBook Pro had similar improvements. The new laptop has a Retina display Applespeak for a screen with such a high resolution that you cannot pick the individual pixels.

The new MacBook Air also comes with a 15.4 inch and makes photographs gleam and the text look as sharp as print. The programs will be updated to make the most of this pixel density. It is fast and light and the best of all the laptop is also up for grabs.

The price of the laptop has been priced starting at £ 1,799, which seems like it provides good value for money. Apart from the major announcement from the American computer giant, Apple even boasted how the company was doing from the moment Tim Cook took over. The announcement included 30 billion downloads of apps, sales of 365 million iOS devices and more. But as expected there is no new iPhone in the autumn and no mention of the Apple’s iTV set either.