Facebook tries out free calling on its Messenger application


Facebook is looking to take over the world of verbal communication by introducing free calling on its Messenger app, which was already tested in a few countries with the free messaging service. The leading social networking site looks to extend its influence further by making use of the fact that people are more connected to the internet now than ever before.

Photo Credit: ABC News

A prototype of the free calling feature has been released for iOS customers and an Android version is thought to be on its way soon. To access this feature, one will have to click the ‘free call’ button on the Messenger app, which is hidden under the ‘contact info’ section on an Facebook user’s profile.

The latest version of Apple’s iOS is also needed to operate the app. According to sources who have tried using the service, the quality of voice while making a call was found to be relatively good. It is also quite easy to operate as compared to other voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services like Skype, due to the fact that a Facebook user’s contact information is already pre-loaded on the interface.

If the new free calling feature of the Facebook Messenger app takes off then cellular companies may get a run for their money, as the social networking site reaches out to huge international user base.