Google looks to extend its presence on Apple hardware


Google has always been known for its uniqueness and innovations and now the company has decided to design applications for their competitors. For a majority of consumers, when choosing a phone, it comes down to either Apple’s iPhone or Google’s Android. Now however, consumers can buy an iPhone and fill it up with Google products. The deteriorating relationship between Apple and Google has not really slowed Google down one bit.

In fact in the last few months Google has stepped up its digital presence by releasing a host of new applications for the iPhone as well as improving the old ones. The latest squabble between Apple and Google was related to the poorly functioning map application made by Apple. Apple had incorporated its own maps in the iPhone, which then turned out to be a failure, the company then quickly realized their folly and immediately urged users to switch to Google maps.

Though there is a win-win situation created here for both companies, there is a lot of potential risk as Google creeps its way into the iPhones. The Google map application was the most downloaded application on iPhones in the 2012 as well. Google and Apple have always been at loggerheads in the gadget market. There is no doubt that this competition may soon turn into quite a rivalry, especially with Google making its presence over various platforms.