Students will get to interact with new Lego Mindstorms EV3 in 2013


Lego has launched its Lego Mindstorms EV3 on January 7, 2013, which is now the 3rd generation of the company’s Mindstorms system of robotics. The kit for the robotic system will be launched in the second half of 2013 and according to reports it will have motors, a programmable brick, Lego Technic elements and cables among other things.

The new EV3 platform has been designed by Lego Education with the aim of aiding in the learning process. One of the main goals of Lego Education is to help schools with problem-solving exercises, the creative thinking process and other such intellectual pursuits.

The new EV3 platform brick is fairly easy to program as well. This allows students to program the robot well within the time it takes them to attend a lecture. The company has also designed lessons and activities around its invention, which will further aid in education. These lessons were designed in conjunction with various teachers and educators in different countries such as Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom and the United States.

The lessons that have been designed around the new Lego system will allow children to get more creative in their pursuits. This will not only be a tool for learning, but will also help children develop creatively.