Upcoming iPad Mini 2 could have better pixel density


Apple’s latest offering in the tablet world is its iPad mini. The mini has hit consumers’ sweet spot perfectly. Now the main question on everyone’s lips is whether this a short-lived success story or will things change as soon as the next gadget hits shelves.

Though the sales estimate of the iPad mini was about 6 million, post the popularity of the product, it upped to 12 million. With the iPad mini 2 hitting markets soon, people have started to ask – What gets better? The answer is – the screen. As of now, the iPad mini has a 163 pixel-per-inch resolution, while the iPad has a 264 pixel-per-inch retina display. This certainly is not very good news for Apple, especially when good competition is knocking on its door in the form of Amazon and Samsung. Amazon’s Kindle Fire’s larger version and Google’s Nexus offer better screen resolutions than the iPad mini as well.

Rumor has it that Apple is using a better processor (A6 instead of the A5) for the iPad mini 2. Also, the resolution has now been increased to an eye-popping 2048 x 1536 pixel screen (which is the same resolution as in the iPad but in a more compact space).

The new specifications of the iPad mini 2 sound really enticing, but there is a high possibility that users may have to pay more than the original mini. On a purely technical note, the iPad mini 2 seems to be worth a higher price bracket.